About us

GUG Technologies

We are a technologies company in R&D, production, design, sales and trade. We bring the high quality products and services of China to the world, and introduce the high quality products from other countries to China. We wish to make a contribution on the promoting exchanges between countries and countries.

Long before GUG was established as its own brand, we have provided OEM products for our clients globally. Although we have a long history of providing service, we had not made the emphasis on building our own brand until early 2018. Our management team has made the decision of establishing GUG as our own independent, centralized brand worldwide since June, 2018. We are determining to make GUG as a leading brand globally and continue to provide excellent service to our customers.
In order to increase competitiveness and add more capability to research productivity, we made the decision early 2018 to centralized more than 20 small Design  House which previously were spread out all over China to three main R&D centers which are located in GUG Shanghai, GUG Beijing and GUG Shenzhen. This process is targeted to be completed in the end of 2019. The three R&D centers will be focus on product development and problem- solving solutions in areas relate to Home automation, work and study, etc.  Our continuous goal is to build a strong brand and connect people with our smart product.
In 2nd quarter of 2018, GUG product association board has decided to establish GUG global sales headquarter in Shenzhen, as well as operation centers in HongKong, Beijing, and Shanghai. By end of 2019, we plan to build 50 oversea offices that covers 130 countries, and have a target sales goal of 5 billion USD.

GUG means “Good Unite Good”, a strong people focus, an emphasis on teamwork, and continuous innovation are the core values of our company. We will continue provide the best products and service to our customers now and in the future. We are hoping a strong growth with our business partners worldwide and more and more customers will discover and approve our brand!


Become the global product platform, bring amazing lift to everybody.


Push Chinese quality product and service to world, bring global quality product and service to China, and for a convenient and comfortable global village.


connecting people,customer focus,team work,self-renewal.